Updated requirement for SKYPE4B Hybrid

On more than one occasion, when doing a Hybrid SKYPE for Business implementation, i have come across the need to do an, until now, undocumented DNS configuration.

Up until now i only saw this need in splitbrain DNS environments.

The end result being one-way presence – so internal users had no presence for neither federated, nor online users.
When on-prem users attempted to see presence we saw “Presence unkown” or …..”Updating”

From the federated user perspective everything was OK.

The fix is to create 2 internal DNS records, resolvable by both clients, and the internal interface of the EDGE server.
1.  Being an  exact copy of the public SRV record for federation.
_sipfederationtls._tcp.sipdomain.com pointing to external access edge FQDN on port 5061
2 DNS A record for the access edge FQDN resolving the PUBLIC IP of the access edge interface.
3 DNS A record(s) for Edge Web Conferencing Service FQDN also resolving external IP
Recently however this was added to the online planning documentation.
So i guess this is now to be considered a requirement, although in non splitbrain DNS scenarios you would never know you missed it 🙂
Thanks for this Microsoft 🙂
The Planning documentation can be found here:
As always happy SKYPE’ing

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