Bye Bye SFBO

From the beginning of Time (When Teams was launched) we all patiently awaited the day where MS would announce feature parity – and when they finally did – i guess the recent announcement at MS Ignite last week was no big surprise after all.

And we all knew that eventually Teams would replace SFBO – and that integration was already in place

Now that this integration is complete, Microsoft are planning to make Microsoft Teams the primary communications client in Office 365.

Most importantly, from 1st October 2018, new Office 365 customers with 500 seats or less will be onboarded to Microsoft Teams and will not have the ability to use Skype for Business Online.

If you already have customers that are using Skype for Business Online, they will still be able to do so (and this includes the new users that they might provision) until they complete their transition to Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has already started offering automatic updates from Skype for Business Online to Microsoft Teams for their direct customers. Starting from November 1. 2018, Microsoft will extend this offer to partner-associated customers, administrators will be given advanced notice via email and through the Office 365 Message Centre.

So for those of you who either has a new SMB customer in the making with plans of utilizing SFBOnline, or even a larger customer that hoped to do POC on a new tenant – well i Guess plans have changed.

Source: Tony Redmond – and announcement made at Ignite2018

BUT as always – HAPPY SKYPE’ing


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