Simple URL’s give 404 on SKYPE for Business

Worked together with a customer today to troubleshoot a brand new deployed SKYPE for Business pool, with malfunctioning Simple URL’s. Basically all simple URL’s were defunct, both internally and via the reverse proxy, gave 403 access denied, and all URL’s with directiry name like or even all returned “Server Error” 404 errors.

After digging (a lot) about in the simple URL’s, and doing certificate reapply’s, iisreset’s and a lot of other deadends i came to think of the IIS rewrite module installed during bootstrapper/ setup – so decided to give it a go – removed it from the add/remove, and the ran bootstrapper. And TADAA.. now everything was working like a charm again.

So process:

1. Go to add/ remove
2. Locate IIS rewrite 2.0 module – and select uninstall
3. Go to “SKYPE for Business server deployment wizard”
4. Run setup

No reboot neeeded (althoug removal of the module actually suggests it)

Happy SKYPE’ing

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