CCE Download bits fails

For some time there has been an error in the Cloud Connector Edition install scripts, causing the initial download of bits to fail.

This was corrected in the fall of 2019, but it seems the error has returned.

When you run start-ccdownload the server goes to MS to get the latest and greatest bits, but one patch is failing.

You will see this error:

Cannot download file 478232_intl_x64_zip.exe Run Start-CCDownload cmdlet again

This is due to a link in the script thats is failing.

What you need to do is download the file manually, and put it in the SiteDirectory\Bits folder

You can download the file from mys site here:

To find your site directory run


Now copy the file to the Bits folder and then rerun Start-CCDownload

And youre done, you can now continue with Convert-CcIsoToVhdx

Happy CCE’ing 🙂

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