Not-So-Busy on Busy

If you are familiar with the new SKYPE for Business feature BusyOnBusy introduced in CU2 in 2016 – you are perhaps also using this great little feature – then there is a small thing to make a note of.
If you either plan to or already is running your mailbox from Office365 – then please note that the VoicemailOnBusy actiontype will not work (outofthebox at least) – Because (strange as i may seem) the BusyOptions feature set was designed for Onprem only – and therefore hosted Voicemail is not supported – and wont work.

See if you have it enabled by running get-csvoicepolicy

The Basic BusyOnBusy function will still work great, only Voicemailonbusy as actiontype is not supported.

IF you ARE running 365 UM and still want busyonbusy with choice of Voicemail – you would have to run to 3.rd party solution like ex Routingagent from Competella.

BytheWay here is an MS article on how to activate the feature:

Or turn to my blog post on the subject:

The “Feature” of missing 365 UM support is documented here:

As always Happy SKYPE’ing

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